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Texas synagogue hostage crisis: Scapegoating Jews will continue to lead to bloodshed - USA Today, 2022


What's so controversial about a Tel Aviv LGBTQ+ film festival? - Washington Blade, 2021


Armed men guard my son's Jewish preschool. Why is antisemitism never a crisis in America? - USA Today, 2021

The double standard for anti-Jewish hate crimes - RealClearPolitics, 2021

Anti-Zionism will not end Palestinian suffering - Boston Herald, 2021

Anti-Zionist Jews and Antisemitism - Jewish Journal, 2021

Anti-Zionism linked to antisemitism - Orlando Sentinel (Letter to the Editor, #2 on list), 2021


There is no equivalence in how Israel and Hamas wage war - The National Interest, 2021

In Congress, knives are out for Israel - New York Daily News, 2021

France is allowing the state-sanctioned murder of Jews - Newsweek, 2021

Stand up against antisemitism - National Post (Letter to the Editor, scroll near the bottom), 2021

Accusing Israel of withholding vaccines defies reality and harms Jewish people - Real Clear Religion, 2021

Falsely accusing Israel of withholding vaccines - Newsday (Letter to the Editor, scroll down), 2021


The media must stop elevating fringe groups on Israel, police - Newsweek, 2021


The call for a 'one-state solution' is a Trojan horse for antisemitism - / Start-Ledger, 2020

Virus brings spike in antisemitic posts - Detroit News, 2020


Rep. Rashida Tlaib still hasn't apologized for pushing a blood libel against Jews - New York Post, 2020


No, local racial tensions are not causing the recent spike in antisemitism - Deseret News (UT), 2020


Anti-Zionism has a death toll - Washington Examiner, 2020


Mincing words on anti-Semitism - New York Daily News, 2020


With anti-Semitic violence, the skin color of those pulling the trigger doesn't matter - Miami Herald, 2019

Jersey City shooting: We asked more questions about anti-Semitism - USA Today Network in New Jersey, 2019

Oh, the shooters weren't white supremacists? - New York Daily News, 2019


Some people care more about definitions than dead Jews - Canton Reporter (OH), 2019


No, Israel does not target Palestinian children - Detroit News, 2019


The relationship between Yom Kippur and anti-Semitism - The Globe and Mail (Canada), 2019


Watchdog organization: here's how we risk normalizing antisemitism - / Star-Ledger, 2019


Examining the International Community’s Long-Standing Double Standard on Refugees - Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, 2019

The D.C. Dyke March barred the Jewish pride flag. This LGBTQ space no longer feels safe - NBC News, 2019


Erasing Israel's LGBTQ+ progress is the true definition of 'pinkwashing' - Vancouver Sun, 2019


No, Israel isn't a country of privileged and powerful white Europeans - Los Angeles Times, 2019


Celebrating Israel as patriotic Americans - Jews must forcefully push back on the disgusting claims of dual loyalty - New York Daily News, 2019


"Never again,' again - a battle cry against anti-Semitism - The Hill, 2019


Lumping Bernie Sanders into "old, white male" category discounts his Jewishness - Baltimore Sun, 2019


Israel Allows Arab Citizens To Vote - Arab Leaders Do Not - Algemeiner, 2019

Anti-Semitism is a Non-Partisan Force - Newsmax, 2019


Silence on Antisemitism Can No Longer Be Accepted - The Moderate Voice, 2019


Commentary: Israel boycott ban not just about free speech - Reuters, 2019


CNN Was Right To Fire Marc Lamont Hill - Newsmax, 2018


Commentary: What's different about the Pittsburgh shooting - Reuters, 2018

The Movement To Boycott Israel is All Tricks, No Treats  - Real Clear Politics, 2018


Lana Del Rey brings summertime blues to Israeli audience - Jerusalem Post, 2018


The myths that fuel Israel-blaming - New York Daily News, 2018

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