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Israel at the United Nations

How they portray Israel: More resolutions are passed condemning Israel than all other nations combined. The bylaws of the United Nations Human Rights Council require addressing, at every meeting, only Israel’s alleged human rights infractions. This treatment makes Israel the world’s pariah state and premier violator of human rights. Palestinians, on the other hand, have earned non-member observer state status, unique refugee status, and a UN-observed “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.”

The truth: As an international body, the United Nations is obligated to embrace equal standards and, when necessary, condemn member states in proportion to their alleged violations. No reasonable person can call an institution fair that singles out democratic Israel alone for censure, while giving a free pass--and even leadership roles--to countries who subjugate women, hang gays, persecute religious minorities, torture dissidents, fund terrorism, and silence free speech. Meanwhile, the United Nations’ favorable treatment of Palestinians, including granting them their very own refugee agency and turning a blind eye to their staff and facilities’ well-documented complicity in storing weapons, renders them incapable of arbitrating the decades-old dispute.

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