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Bias in the Media

How they portray Israel: The Arab-Israeli conflict is deserving of more air time, screen time, and column space than any other international conflict. The Palestinians are David and Israelis are Goliath; Israel controls its destiny and Palestinians have no control over their destiny. The media presents the volatile situation there as a co-equal cycle of violence, often tacitly condoning the behavior of Palestinians while judging the behavior of Israel as disproportionate.

The truth: Fewer people have been killed, displaced, or affected by the Arab-Israeli conflict than most other conflicts in the world, let alone the Middle East. One cannot fairly call this a cycle of violence because if the Arabs laid down their arms, there would be peace; if Israel laid down its arms, there would be genocide. While Jewish culture cherishes life, Palestinian society glorifies martyrdom. Israel has repeatedly made and accepted offers for peace, whereas Palestinians have consistently rejected offers for peace. One can also not equate the legal actions of a nation state defending its borders and citizens with the illegal actions of terrorists deliberately targeting those citizens.

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