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How they portray Israel: All forms of social oppression are linked, including the discrimination of women, LGBT individuals, and racial minorities. Standing up against the privileged, heterosexual white male is a universal, joint effort shared not only by all who are oppressed, but also all who embrace progressive causes. Since Israel is a privileged white country that oppresses (colored) Palestinians, authentic social justice warriors must protest Israel. One cannot be both progressive and pro-Israel.

The truth: Intersectionality finds common cause among all social justice movements except those that support Jews or Israel. Feminist groups protest only Israel, where women fly fighter jets and serve in all positions of government, instead of protesting gender policies in the Arab world, where women are subjugated and subject to honor killings. LGBT groups protest only Israel, which every year hosts one of the world’s largest gay pride events, while ignoring LGBT policies in the Arab world, where there has never been even one gay pride event. And racial minority groups protest only Israel, where the conflict has nothing to do with race, where over half the population is of Middle Eastern descent, and where racial minorities enjoy complete civil rights, while ignoring real horrors in the Arab world such as the African slave trade and abuse of migrant workers.

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